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Garcia & Garcia: Madness at the aiport

Ana Murugarren | COMEDY | Spain | Spanish | 2021 | 98 min | Prod: BlogMedia, Clarq Films | WATCH TRAILER


29 nov 12:30 pm | 01 dec 16:30 pm

Starring Pepe Viyuela, José Mota, Eva Ugarte y Jordí Sánchez

In this hilarious comedy of situation two Javier García are mistaken one with the other when picked up at the airport and exchange their roles: Javier García, a depressed and unemployed aircraft mechanic, must design a business strategy for the shabby low cost airline Hispavia. And Javier García, a prestigious international airlines advisor, who doesn’t even know how to change a flat tire, must repair an airplane.


Nicolás Postiglione | THRILLER | Mexico, Chile | Spanish | 2021 | 82 min | Prod: Aracauria Cine | WATCH TRAILER


30 nov 18:30 pm | 02 dec 10:30 am

Starring Alfredo Castro (Tony Manero, The Summit), Consuelo Carreño, Michael Silva (Neruda), Mariela Mignot.

In this psychological thriller a middle-class father Ricardo takes his two daughters to their lakeside family house in southern Chile. Out on a yacht one day, they see three young local fishermen waving at them from another boat which is rapidly taking on water. Ricardo refuses to go and help, arguing they look suspicious, much to his older daughter’s exasperation. His prejudices will be the beginning of a tense journey that will not end well.

Camila comes out tonight

Inés Barrionuevo | DRAMA | ARGENTINA | Spanish | 2021 | 100 min | Aeroplano, Gale Cine | WATCH TRAILER


29 nov 18:00 pm | 01 dec 13:30 pm

Adolescent world has been hardly better represented than this film. When her grandmother becomes seriously ill, Camila is forced to move to Buenos Aires and leave behind her friends. Changing a liberal public high school for a traditional private institution will only increase Camila’s premature but fierce temperament. While coping with the turbulence proper of adolescence she discovers her feelings for Clara, a classmate with a secret. A feminist revolution is about to start.

The King of All the World

EL REY DE TODO EL MUNDO | Carlos Saura | Drama, Musical | Mexico, Spain | Spanish | 2021 | 95 min | Pipa Films | WATCH TRAILER


30 nov 12:00 pm | 02 dec 18:30 pm

Starring Ana de la Reguera (Narcos, Backyard), Manuel García Rulfo (Perfect Strangers), Enrique Arce (Knightfall, Money Heist), Damián Alcázar (Narcos)

Amazing images, incredible dancing and magnificent music by top latin artist are the background of this collaboration between Saura & Storaro: Manuel is preparing his next show, a musical about making a musical show. He seeks the help of Sara his ex-wife and renowned choreographer to direct. In the casting, the young Ines will appear as a rising star while dealing with her father and local mob. During the rehearsals, the passion and tension will grow among the dancers. Powerful Mexican music sets the tone and a play will emerge in which tragedy, fiction and reality intertwine.

The Employer and Employee

EL EMPLEADO Y EL PATRÓN | DRAMA | Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil | Spanish | 110 min | 2021 | Prod: Roken Films, Pasto Cine, Vulcana Cinema, Paraiso Production, Murillo Cine, Sancho & Punta, Nadador Cine | WATCH TRAILER


30 nov 12:30 pm | 02 dec 15:30 pm

Starring Nahuel Pérez Biscayart (César Award winner for BPM, SEE YOU UP THERE)

The employer is a young man who apparently has everything going on for him except one pressing concern: his baby’s health. The employee is looking for a job to support his newborn too, so does not hesitate when the first decides to hire him to work in his lands even if he lacks the experience. Both will meet their needs by helping each other. But one day an accident happens. This unexpected event will strain the ties between them, endangering the fate of the two families.

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